If it's broken, we can fix it!

The MAR approach is simple; increase efficiency for every community we service. Nothing can slow down operations quite like a nasty maintenance issue. Our fully-integrated maintenance team provides A-Z service for every property in MAR portfolio. Whether it be repairs, remodels, updates, scheduling vendors, inspections or handywork; our team is "Johnny on the spot".


Modern maintenance, the MAR way

Technology is the foundation of every branch of MAR Companies, and aim to implement our discoveries, tools and tactics to improve daily life in manufactured housing and RV communities. We utilize our tech platform to offer quick, effective and user-friendly options for residents, managers and owners to submit and request service orders to ensure that those short, yet inevitable, moments of downtime remain just that, short.

We have a powerful technology stack that allows us to provide unmatched service all of our communities. We leverage the power of some of the most prominent industry services to streamline processes across the board, leading to immediate positive impact.


Investing in the impact

The MAR Maintenance team is composed of experienced technicians with an wide range of specialties and expertise. We believe that service should be a career and therefore we are continuing to invest in the growth of our maintenance team, in and outside of the valley of the sun. To learn more about becoming a part of our maintenance team, visit our careers page today


Sharing our service

Coming soon! We want to share the amazing service that our maintenance team provides with as many communities as we can. In 2023, we will unveil a full offering of maintenance services available as a standalone product or as a part of our new MAR Gold service.

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